Bookish Bullet Journal 2021

I have kept a bullet Journal for over 5 years now. I use it for everything, from personal goals, my writing, my blog but it is primarily above all a Reading Journal. I like to keep my journal fairly minimalist only splashing out on fancy pages or decoration for readathons etc. As I have been keeping my bullet journal for such a long time now I have also developed a particular style and way I like my pages and spreads to work and what I track is fairly fixed also. I thought I would give you a bit of a tour of my set yearly pages and my January monthly pages.

The Journal, Title Page Future Log and Goals

I use Nuuna notebooks as my journals. I love the smaller, faint dot grid, the numbering of the pages and the size. They are just slightly wider than A5 with 256 bright white pages, with lay flat binding. The paper thickness is good, it handles most pens with out bleeding and only a little ghosting (which I don’t mind) and I can also use my fountain pens (Twisbi eco Medium and fine nibs with diamine inks) without bleeding and very little feathering.

I also love the selection of cool covers they have. The one I choose this year is due to the gorgeous colour scheme I love that it wraps around the whole book including the painted edges. and the blue of the end pages is gorgeous. I decided to keep the colour scheme through out this journal so I raided my pen collection for all the shades of blue, pink, purple and grey I could find so I can slightly vary it each month.

I decided to keep the Art Deco influenced style that I had in last years journal and carry it through to this years I thought it looked really clean and simple while also adding in some nice design elements. I have also used a little bit of washi tape this year which I haven’t done in a good couple of years but again I liked how it looked and I had it on hand so may as well use it.

I keep my Future Log really simple. I just fill in dates and details as they come up marking the month with a bullet point in the correct column and then the dates and details for the event on the right hand side. It keeps it neat and simple and I can just flick back to this page and fill in the appropriate months events when it comes.

I am only showing the first page of my two page Goals spread as these are the most Bookish related. I have another page with a couple more personal goals and my writing goals but I want to keep them personal for just now. I like just having this page to look back on. I think making goals and writing them down it makes it easier to stick to them, every time I flick past this page I am reminded of them and that helps me keep to them.

Goodreads Tracker

Yes I track my good reads goal in my bullet journal. I am aiming for 100 books this year but have left space to fill in more. This allows me to colour each read off as I read it. For each book I mark down the title, author my star rating, ESCAPE score and then tick it off if/when I post my review. This helps me review most of the books I read as well as I can just flick back and see what has still to be reviewed.

Along with my written tracker I have several pages dotted through my journal as Books Read. They are portioned out into blocks of 12 in which I place printed sticker copies of the Book covers of all the books I read in the year. I love doing this. It looks so pretty as it starts to fill up and as I flick through the journal I end up with a visual representation of the books I read that year.

NetGalley/ARC list, Anticipated list and Monthly Reading Stats

This is more tracking for my own organisation. I like having a list of my commitments each month of Galleys and ARCs so have a set up to allow me to record them and the day they are released so I can time my reviews accordingly. I also have the same for books I am anticipating so I can either pre-order or order from my local store. Finally I have my Reading stats. This is so I can keep track for wrap ups and what helps me write my end of year wrap up post too. I not the number of books, pages, my ratings and my favourite book for that month and the check box is for when I have posted my Wrap up for that month.

Reading Challenges

This is a section of informational pages. I have my Agatha Christie challenge that Has moved through a number of journals now. A new page is my Conquer the Classics page which i have listed those that I want to attempt first but will probably be adding to as the year goes on. Finally I have my TBR game and the various selves (only two shown) which lists all my unread books. If you want to learn more about my TBR game and what I will be reading in January you can find my TBR post here.

January Monthly spread

Finally I just wanted to show you the outlines of my Monthly/weekly spreads before I start logging all my information etc. I keep the same lay out for the majority of the months but I only create the monthly pages the weekend before that month begins. It consists of a Title page for the month, again with the Art Deco influenced style, A calendar spread that I can note down events, there are some mini trackers which are a new addition I am trying out and then a log for my blog posts for that month. I have my TBR and actual books read that month spread. I usually fill my TBR down the side and then I post mini book cover stickers, with page number and rating once i have read them on the right hand box. Then is my Pages read spread which as you guessed is a graph of the pages I have read each day. I like to see how my reading habits are influenced throughout the month and I love a good statistic too so this for me is a fun way to record it.

Finally there is my weekly spread. This is only a partial week as we started the majority through the week but most weeks will be broken into 8 boxes, one for each day of the week and final for notes for the next week. I usually create my weekly spreads on the Sunday evening and fill in all the relevant details then.

When it comes to actually reading I have a set spread for writing up my notes and reviews I have one if it am writing a full E.S.C.A.P.E review or one if it is a mini review. I usually create these when I start a book and will use it to make notes while I am reading then sit with it when I am finished to construct my review. I don’t have photographic examples of any of these for this year yet but they can be found in my previous bullet journal posts.

So that is my 2021 set up so far. I most likely will not be posting monthly spreads as I tend to keep them the same each month, but I will post occasional readathon spreads and I post a lot of them on my Instagram such as my latest readathon TBR Post for the Among us Readathon

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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  1. It looks so good! I love your writing for all the titles!
    I might steal your January title page for one month, if that is okay ahha!


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