April TBR

This month I am abandoning my TBR Game and I am Joining a couple of reading goals instead



ARC April will allow me to focus on clearing my ARC shelves, both Digital and physical. I have some awesome up coming releases and Blog tours and I would like to set myself ahead of them all. Here is just a sneak peak of NetGalley shelves.

I know I wont get to these all and some of these are not out for months yet (despite what NetGalley shelves app says with its 54 days). I also have a collection of backlist ARCS that I might try and squeeze in to catch up on reviews and increase my Net Galley percentage. But I have a nice little pile to choose from in my next goals


This is giving myself permission to pick up any book I fancy. My shelves are not short of books, but I have been so focused on my TBR game, readathon TBRs etc that I haven’t just given myself a chance to mood read. To just grab whatever books I fancy and dive in. Occasionally I like to throw my TBR out the window and just read what ever I fancy so that’s what I am dong this month. I only have one exception My buddy reads.

I have cut down the number of buddy reads I am partaking in this month just to give myself that bit more free time. The last few months I have had lots of different buddy reads and while I have enjoyed them they can get a little overwhelming. So this month I am just sticking to those associated with my blog projects, series I am eager to continue.

I will be continuing with my Conquer the Classics Buddy Read of The Lord of the Rings… We are currently 50% of the way through The Two Towers so we will be finishing that off in the first half of April and then starting the last of the trilogy The Return of the King in the last half of April. I have been loving this, I think this was just the perfect time for me to pick this up.

I am also returning to the Folly, for my Thoughts while re-reading Rivers of London project. This month We are reading book three Whispers Underground, this one focuses around Nottinghill and the London Underground system and I am really excited to see what the gang makes of this one. I should have my Friday at the Folly post for this book live on the 30th.

Finally Ellie, Erika and I are continuing on our quest to read the books of the Shadowhunter’s universe with the 5th book in the Mortal instruments series City of Lost Souls. We haven’t set a date for our Shadowhunter’s Saturday post quite yet but I suspect it will be early May with the way the dates fall, so keep an eye out.

So those are my vague reading plans for April. I will be sure to do a full wrap up in May so you can find out what I actually managed to read throughout the month.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

3 thoughts on “April TBR

  1. Woah you have some serious reading to do this month! Best of luck, I hope you enjoy your reads. I also have For the Wolf which I’m looking forward to πŸ™‚

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