Mini review – The Mystery of the Blue train

Title: The Mystery of the Blue Train

Author: Agatha Christie

Series: Hercule Poirot #6

4 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

From Goodreads:

A mysterious woman, a legendary cursed jewel, and a night train to the French riviera — ingredients for the perfect romance or the perfect crime? When the train stops, the jewel is missing, and the woman is found dead in her compartment. It’s the perfect mystery, filled with passion, greed, deceit. And Hercule Poirot is the perfect detective to solve it…

I am reading these books as part of my Agatha Christie Project – Read more, and what I think of the previous books in the series here

My Thoughts

This Poirot mystery has a really nice complexity to it. We have lots of Red Herrings, suspects galore which all builds to a great reveal at the end. I really like the characters, the discussion of money from those born into it, those trying to obtain it and those that have had it thrust upon them, it really makes for a dynamic cast. I really adored Katherine Grey. I loved that regardless of coming into lots of money, of being thrown into a murder mystery, she still very much stayed her sensible self, even with some handsome young men throwing themselves at her too. I like that she loved her fashion and her travel but also just wanted a peaceful life! We also got our first glimpse at St Mary Mead … which I am sure I will become very familiar with once I start the Marple books!

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Happy Reading!

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