Myth Taker Path or Pantheon TBR

Its feels like it has been an age since is have taken part in a readathon! I took part in the first round of Make your Myth Taker Readathon many moons ago and when I saw the Path Or Pantheon Round pop up on my Twitter it seemed like it would be fun to take part in, and maybe help me clear my shelves a little.

It is a month long Readathon running through out July and it is fairly simple in its concept. There are a selection of Global Pantheons to choose from with a prompt corresponding to each Deity, or you can select a Path with a mix or Deities around a common theme, again with their own prompts. Each Path or Pantheon has a total of 5 prompts and each has a unique ‘Power’ that can be invoked.

The Choices are:

The Pantheon choices:

  • Egyptian
  • Greek
  • Japanese
  • Norse
  • Yoruba

The Paths:

  • Beauty
  • Home
  • Underworld
  • War
  • Wisdom

So many amazing choices that I have been kind of torn between several paths and Pantheons. I eventually decided that as I can usually read between 10- 15 books a month that I would choose one Path and one Pantheon and try to complete both during the month.

The Path of Wisdom TBR

The Dying Squad
Adam Simcox

Prompt: Athena – Set in a City

This is a paranormal Police Procedural (we all Know I love them). Where the Officer in Charge is a ghost, investigating his own murder!

Matt Wesolowski

Prompt: Odin – Morally grey Character

I am buddy reading this series with some friends. It is based around a fictional “true crime” podcast so is filled with questionable characters.

Notes from the Burning Age
Claire North

Prompt: Thoth – about books/author

The MC is a librarian of ancient texts tasked with translating an imprtant text in this post-climate disaster world.

A Psalm for the Wild Built
Becky Chambers

Prompt: Omoikane – Throught Provoking

I always find Becky Chambers books make me think. This one focuses on the question “in a world where people have what they want, does having more matter? “

She who became the Sun
Shelley Parker-chan

Prompt: Orunmila – MC follows destiny

One of my most anticipated reads of the year I had to squeeze it into the TBR somewhere. This is billed as a lyrical reimagining of founding of the Ming Dynasty, Where the MC takes on her brother’s destiny. It is also said to be queer!

The Greek Pantheon TBR

A Universe of Wishes
various authors

Prompt: Aphrodite – featuring romance

This is a diverse anthology but I do know that it contains a

The Book of Accident
Chuck Wendig
Physical Arc

Prompt: Ares – Dark Story

This is a Horror from Chuck Wendig that sounds like it is going to be incredibly creepy.

Assassin’s Orbit
John Appel
Pysical Arc

Prompt: Hestia – Fire on the Cover

I am counting the explosion on the cover as Fire and I really want to read this one. Its build as Golden Girls meets The Expanse!

Six Crimson Cranes
Elizabeth Lim

Prompt: Hades – First in a series

This new series from Elizabeth Lim seems like it is going to be right up my street with Dark magic fairytale vibes.

So those are the books I have picked for my Path or Pantheon TBR! I do have a couple more Buddy reads and ARCs that to add on to my TBR so I will post about them in a separate TBR.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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