Trope-ical Readathon TBR

It is August which seems to be the month for readathons. I will be participating in Read.Sleep.Repeat’s Arc August, the Read Among Us readathon both of which I will be posting my official TBRs for later this week. But today I am posting my TBR for the Trope-ical Readathon. It is a month long readathon hosted by @jenjenreviews and @bookrob13 on Twitter!

The Trope-ical readathon is a team base readathon, focusing on genres and their common tropes. In a change from previous rounds (as I have already read the team books) I am not joining Team Fantasy or Team Sci-fi. I am joining Team Mystery, Thriller, Horror!

There are 13 general challenges based on well known tropes (with an alternate prompt too) and 2 team prompts as well as a group read. All of which add up to points for your team! You can find all the details about how this readathon works HERE

Absent/Dead Parent(s) Trope: Read a book where the main character’s parents are either absent throughout the book or have passed away prior to the start of the book. Alternatively, read a book that was published under a pseudonym.

Aisling Fowler

Physical ARC, The Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour.

I am not sure if this actually has dead or absent parents as I haven’t read it yet and I cant tell from the blurb, though it does talk of the MC, who goes by a pseudonym, taking revenge on those that took her from her family so I think it is a safe bet. My Blog tour date is the 16th of Aug.

Time Loop Trope: Read a book where the main character is stuck in a time loop. Alternatively, reread a book.

The Furthest Station
Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers of London #5.5

This is a re-read for me. A group of us have been working our way through the whole series including the Graphic novels in chronological story order. Its also part of my Thoughts while re-reading blog project. I do need to catch up with these posts but you can find all the ones I have on the series page

Found Family Trope: Read a book where characters form a family dynamic, based on shared understanding of each other rather than blood ties. Alternatively, buddy read or group read a book.

City of Heavenly Fire
Cassandra Clare

The Mortal Instruments #6

Erika, Ellie and I have all been working our way through the Shadowhunter’s books in the authors suggested order as part of our joint Shadowhunters Saturdays blog posts. We had a few months hiatus recently due to work/school/health issues but this month we are aiming to finally finish this series!

Coming-of-Age Trope: Read a book where the protagonist goes through a process of self-discovery. Alternatively, read a book where the protagonist is around the same age as you.

The Desert Prince
Peter V. Brett


I have put this for the coming of age book as it is based around the children of the heroes in Peter V. Brett’s Demon Cycle series. I haven’t read the Demon Cycle books but I am hoping this new series will be a good intro to the world.

Food Theme Trope: Read a book that has food themes. (e.g. cooking competition, family restaurant, bakery, etc.). Alternatively, read a “meaty” book, that is, over 500 pages long.

Empire of the Vampire
Jay Kristoff

Physical ARC

I need to read this book, and it is definitely over 500 pages, The ARC without the artwork weighs in at 760+ pages. I will however not be giving this a full review because I am personally biased. I was lucky enough to advise Jay on the Science behind the worldbuilding for this series, so it would be unprofessional for me to give this a full review. But rest assured I will be shouting about this book.

Blast from the Past Trope: Read a book where the main character encounters someone from their past. Alternatively, read a book written before the year 2000.

Peril at End House
Agatha Christie

Again a buddy read where a group of us are working our way through the Poirot Books. I am also working on a Blog project where I am reading all 66 of Christie’s Mysteries. Of Course this is published before the year 2000 being first published in 1932

Mixed Media Trope: Read a book that includes letters, texts, emails, etc. Alternatively, listen to an audiobook or read an ebook.

Matt Wesolowski

Six Stories #3

Yet another buddy read (there are a lot this month). This one is a bit of both prompt as it is told in a podcast format, but I have been reading these as audiobooks as they ae full cast so it really works with the podcast/interview style of the writing.

(Post) Apocalyptic Trope: Read a book that occurs leading up to/during an apocalypse or in the aftermath of an apocalypse. Alternatively, read a book with fire on the cover.

Lies Like Wild Fire
Jennifer Lynn Alvarez

Physical ARC, The Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour

Another Blog tour and my date to post is the 23rd August. It is very clear that there is Fire on the cover of this one, in both the name and the graphics but it also revolves around the subject of wildfires, which are becoming a more and more prevalent feature of our world.

Historical Figure Trope: Read a book that features a famous historical figure in some way. Alternatively, read a book that came out in 2021.

The Rookery
Deborah Hewitt

The Nightjar #2

Physical ARC

I was kindly gifted an advanced finished copy of this. I am currently re-reading the Nightjar to refresh myself of what I thought so I can write a review of both. The Rookery hits shelves this week so obviously I have picked the 2021 release prompt for this one.

All Happens in One Day Trope: Read a book where the entirety (or majority) of the story occurs in one single day. Alternatively, read a book in one day.

Rivers of London Vol 4: Detective Stories
Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers of London Graphic Novels Vol 4

This book covers both prompts. A re-read for me as part of my Rivers of London blog series, I read the Graphic novels in less than 24hrs and this instalment covers Peter taking his exams to be promoted within the metropolitan police. So while it tells lots of little small adventures at different timepoints, peter’s narration in all within the same day.

Multiple POVs Trope: Read a book told through multiple points-of-view. Alternatively, read a book with multiple characters of colour.

A Master of Djinn
P. Djeli Clark

Physical ARC

I am so excited to start this one. A fantastical Police procedural set in 1930s Cairo! its like this book was written just for me. I picked this for the Multiple characters of Colour prompt.

The New Kid in Town Trope: Read a book where the main character(s) have just moved to a new place. Alternatively, read a genre you don’t usually read.

The Black Locamotive
Rian Hughes

Physical ARC

I decided to play with the prompt of Genre I don’t usually read and stretch it a bit. This is essentially a Sci-fi and I read a lot of sci-fi, it also is told in a mixed media graphical format, which I enjoy graphic novels. However from the blurb it seems to stray into sub genres I don’t find myself in that often. It calls its self a Novel, Graphic. which is an interesting concept, it has tones of contempory lit fiction mixed with cyber and deasil punk which are all sub genres I don’t read much of. It seems like its going to be a curious read.

Retelling Trope: Read a book that is a retelling. Alternatively, read a book that has been adapted to a TV show and/or film.

Heather Walter

The final Buddy read of this TBR. A group of us have chosen to read Malice this month which is a sleeping beauty retelling. I received a gorgeous copy as a birthday gift and I am really glad I get to pick it up sooner rather than later.

Team Challenges

Team Mystery/Horror/Thriller

Team Challenge 1: “Is it Supernatural?” (Read a book where the events may or may not be paranormal/supernatural)

Wicked Little Deeds
Kat Ellis

Physical ARC, The Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour

Giving Kat Ellis another try to see if I like this one (Hopefully she wont use Mental health as a plot device this time) Its another small town Horror Mystery which I am a fan of so all fingers crossed.

Team Challenge 2: Read a book with the “Locked-Room Mystery” trope

The Guest List
Lucy Foley

This was a suggestion by the lovely ladies of The Write Reads Gang as they know I am a huge fan of Christie and especially of And Then There Were None. Apparently this has a very similar vibe so I am eager to give it a read.

New Team Book

The Taking of Jake Livingston
Ryan Douglass

The reason I choose Team MHT is because I wanted to read this book (also I have either finished or partially read the group books for Sci-fi and Fantasy). School based YA horror mystery again really speaks my language. I think I am going to really enjoy this one.

So there you have it my Tropical Readathon August 2021 TBR. This isn’t every book on my TBR but I have had a few pretty amazing reading months and I have my annual time off work coming up so I am hoping I can read everything here! Wish me luck!

Are you participating in the Tropical Readathon? There is still time registration is open till the 8th!

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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