Among Us Readathon

I love a good readathon and I am also fond of a bit of gaming so when you combine the details together I am going to join in. This readathon is based on the multiplayer game Among Us where a member of the group is an imposter that attempts to kill members of the group as they carry out tasks undetected. The remaining crewmates must try to seek out who this imposter is.

This is round two of this readathon and it runs from the 1st of August 2021 to the 31st of August 2021.

This readathon was created by Hd’s Reading life and revolves around similar principles. You can play as a crewmate of various colours the colours determining what prompts you will read. Or you can play as an imposter reading prompts to kill off your fellow crew mates and avoiding detection. You can find all the information on Hd’s Reading life blog or on the Twitter account.

I have decided to play as a Cyan Impostor again. As I am also taking part in both Trope-ical Readathon and ARC August you will see a lot of cross over between the books I am reading. You can check out my full Trope-ical Readathon TBR Here

Playing as an imposter is a bit different. You have to start with faking a task, then kill off the other crewmates, selecting a prompt to represent each of those crew mates. You can also Blame another Crew mate and travel threw a vent as two additional prompts.

Fake A TaskEnter ID Code
Read A Stand Along

Wicked Little Deeds
Kat Elli

Physical ARC, The Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour
My Tour Date is 10th August

Giving Kat Ellis another try to see if I like this one (Hopefully she wont use Mental health as a plot device this time) Its another small town Horror Mystery which I am a fan of so all fingers crossed.
Trope-ical Readathon  , #ARCAugust

Kill Lime Crewmate –
A Beautiful Book

Alexandra Bell

Physical ARC, Blog tour
My Tour Date is August 31st

Not only does the ARC have the most beautiful cover but the premise sounds like it is going to be gorgeous too. It seems like it is going to be a beautiful and magical adventure.

Kill Pink Crewmate
Biggest book on my TBR

Empire of the Vampire
Jay Kristoff

 The ARC without the artwork weighs in at 760+ pages. I will however not be giving this a full review because I am personally biased. I was lucky enough to advise Jay on the Science behind the worldbuilding for this series, so it would be unprofessional for me to give this a full review. But rest assured I will be shouting about this book.
Tropeical readathon, #ARCAugust

Blame Someone Else
A book with multiple POVs

Matt Wesolowski
Six Stories #3

This one is told in a podcast format, I have been reading these as audiobooks as they ae full cast so it really works with the podcast/interview style of the writing. The premise of it being a true crime style podcast means it does revolve around having multiple POVs.
Tropeical readathon

Kill Purple Crewmate
Transportation on the Cover

Under the Whispering Door
TJ Klune


I picked this for this prompt due to the small scooter in the corner and also I am dying to read this one! I just know I am going to adore the writing

Kill Red Crewmate
A Book with LGBTQIA+

A Master of Djinn
P. Djeli Clark

Physical ARC
I am so excited to start this one. A fantastical Police procedural set in 1930s Cairo! its like this book was written just for me. It also has a Sapphic relationship.
Tropeical Readathon, #ARCAugust

Kill Green Crewmate
Illustrated Cover

Aisling Fowler

Physical ARC, The Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour.

This seems like this is going to be a really interesting action packed read. I love the inventiveness of middlegrade books and I am hoping this one will have just as entertaining an adventure.
Tropical readathon, #ARCAugust

Vent – Divert Power
Author of Colour

The Taking of Jake Livingston
Ryan Douglass

School based YA horror mystery again really speaks my language. I think I am going to really enjoy this one.
Tropical Readathon

Kill Black Crewmate
A Sequel

The Rookery
Deborah Hewitt
The Nightjar #2

Physical ARC

I was kindly gifted an advanced finished copy of this. I am currently re-reading the Nightjar to refresh myself of what I thought so I can write a review of both.
Tropical Readathon, #ARCAugust

Kill Brown Crewmate
Shortest Book on My TBR

Rivers of London Vol 4: Detective Stories
Ben Aaronovitch

Rivers of London Graphic Novels Vol 4

This is a graphic novel so is around 112 pages which for this TBR is the shortest book I have on my TBR. It is also a re-read for me as part of my Rivers of London blog series.
Tropical Readathon

Kill Orange Crewmate
Someone Else’s Pick

Heather Walter

The final Buddy read of this TBR. A group of us have chosen to read Malice this month which is a sleeping beauty retelling. I received a gorgeous copy as a birthday gift and I am really glad I get to pick it up sooner rather than later.
Tropical Readathon

Kill Yellow Crewmate
Yellow on the Cover

The Maleficent Seven
Cameron Johnston


Billed as being like Kings of the Wild meets suicide squad I think this one is going to be really fun. It also seems like it is a retelling of The Seven Samurai but where our heros are all villains. I think this is going to have some really exciting moments.

So those are all the books on my Among Us readathon TBR. There are some that cross over with Tropeical Readathon and some with ARCAugust. In total that means I have a TBR of nineteen books for this month. I do have some holiday time coming up so I am hoping I can read my goal!

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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