NaNoWriMo plans

Its November which means its time for National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo. This means writers all over the world and putting some focus in to try and get 50,000 words down on the page. The standard set up is you start a new novel on November first and work towards hitting that word goal by writing around 1,617 words a day, getting into a the habit of writing and hopefully making headway towards finishing that book.

I have decided to be a Nano rebel. Rebels are not starting new novels during November but instead putting 50,000 words towards existing projects be it editing, short stories, second drafts etc.

While trying to prepare for my own project for NaNoWriMo I realised it just wasn’t in a position for me to start writing it. It needed a lot more research and I couldn’t have done all that in October, while also working, reading and blogging. I have also found i didn’t have the same creative focus to work on the single project. While trying to write my outline I found myself flitting into other projects with little scenes or new dialogue and I ended up getting really enthusiatic for another couple of projects. So I decided to be a rebel this year.

I have four projects in various stages of work and I am going to flit between them to make up my 50,000 words. I will be doing some editing, writing up some world building or constructing some detailed outlines. I am going to just allow myself to work on story that captures my creative energy at the time. I might even attempt some short fiction as I have an idea or two that might work in a shorter format.

My Projects

Working Title: Ascribed Death

Genre: YA Fantasy

Current stage:
Basic Synopsis, Bulletpoint outline, small amount of world-building.


Carmine is a daughter of a middle level apothecary and had a scholarship to study in the Herbarium Guild, however her memory gets noticed by the spymaster. The guild of ‘Nightcrafts’ doesn’t operate like the other guuilds, apprentices are rarely taken on.  She must now lead a double life training to become part of the spymaster guild and her apothecary studies. As part of her assignment she is also tasked in keeping the grand spymaster informed of the goings on in The Great Library, the halls of study and craft for all the guild apprenticeships. Talk of Revolution is about. 

As she trains, learns her craft, things are not what she thought them to be, her new friends are disillusioned, her old ones have been lying, devastating secrets are revealed and Carmine must choose, remain the dutiful spy to a cause she no longer believes in, turn and use her skills for the other side or take the forbidden path into the only banned profession and assassinate all.

What I want to accomplish in NanoWriMo 2021:

I would like to complete the world-building focusing on how the guilds work, the apprenticeships and layout of the Great library. I also intend to expand my bullet point outline and I want to build character profiles especially for Carmine.

Working Title: Insured Chaos

Genre: Sci-Fi Murder Mystery

Current stage: Planning and Plotting


Originally my 2021 project so is still very vague and I don’t have a synopsis yet just a quick idea. Tsuki, an insurance adjuster who usually deals with spacecraft AI failures causing docking failures, inter-station drunk driving smashing up there ships, her job is to just assess, assign blame and report. Until her latest case, a personal deep space transport showed up empty. The onboard AI report reads exactly the same as the accident that killed Tsuki’s bestfriend 10 years ago, she is determined to find out why.

What I want to accomplish in NanoWriMo 2021:

This needs a lot of work, I have a couple of character profiles and some world building So I want to get a full outline drafted and world-building fully fleshed out.

Working Title: Heist Project

Genre: Fantasy Heist

Current stage: Nanowrimo 2020 – 50,000 words


I haven’t actually written a synopsis for this one so that needs to go into the todo list. Set in a Magical Steampunk version of Edinburgh we meet a heist crew that are about to pull the job of a lifetime however they have found themselves caught between a rock and a hard place when the past comes back to haunt their leader. They have to decide wither to risk it all for the small chance of a big score or run for their lives.

What I want to accomplish in NanoWriMo 2021:

Work towards finishing first draft. I need to sure up a couple of the con’s and the backgroud to the crew.

Working Title: New Magic

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Current stage: Planning


I have a general idea but not full plot line so no synopsis. I want this to be magical investigation meets Chronicles of St Mary’s. I have my character profiles all marked out. World-building only needs a bit more tweaking and I have a full romance subplot written up too including several scenes. I also have the opening few chapters written but I abandoned this project earlier this year as I don’t have a full main plot.

What I want to accomplish in NanoWriMo 2021:

Brainstorm a plot and write up a full outline.

So those are the ideas I am working on at the moment and what I plan to get done during the month. Writing these little sections up have got me super excited about all of these ideas. I know exactly where I am jumping in first. I like that I have lots of projects open, it allows me to switch it up when I get stuck with one idea. I can let my subconscience work on what ever I am stuck on while I add more info into another project.

Later in the week I will have my NaNoWriMo Bullet journal post up so you can have a look at how i track the multiple projects

Are you doing NanoWriMo this year? What are you working on?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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