Friday Five – Started but not finished

I can’t find who started the Friday Five book blog meme. It seems to crop up in many different style such as “Five for Friday”, “Five on Friday” , “FridayFive Challenge”. I also can’t find a topic list like you would have for the Six on Sunday meme. Therefore, I am just doing my own thing and setting my own topics just so I can chat books with you.

This weeks topic is

2021 Release I have Started but have not Finished

The year 2021 is coming to an end and there are still so many books on my TBR I haven’t gotten to yet. These are five 2021 releases that I have started to read, got side tracked and just haven’t finished. I want to prioritise these and actually read before the year ends.

She Who Became the Sun
Shelley Parker-Chan


I was really enjoying this one but I picked it up during a time where I was in a bit of a slump and when mood reading was drawn more towards mystery thrillers than Fantasy books. This is quite a slow yet beautifully paced book and I felt I just wasn’t about to appreciate it fully at the time, so I put it back on the TBR shelf.

Assassin’s Orbit
john Appel

Physical ARC

Ok this is my kind of book, it is billed as golden girls meets the Expanse but it is far more kick ass than that. I put it down and didn’t finish it as I had originally planned to work on my own space murder mystery during Nanowrimo and I was finding myself drawing a lot of influence from this book as I was reading at the time so I put it aside to focus on my work. I am itching to finish it though.

Even Greater Mistakes
Charlie Jane Anders


A more recent abandonment. I didn’t really mean to abandon these. It is a short story collection and I find i cant sit and read a collection like that cover to cover I prefer picking it up when I have time reading a story and then returning to it later. Life just got hectic in the last couple of weeks so I haven’t picked this one back up yet. So far the stories I have read as funny and insightful, as well as being emotional and tho9ught provoking.

The Liar of Red Valley
Walter Goodwater

Physical ARC

I started this around spooky season as it had that kind of feel and again the great destroyer of my reading habit, Nanowrimo started. I tend to abandon a lot of books because og Nano and they never get picked back up. I need to get out of that habit. This starts so amazingly its very small town, urban fantasy feel with some awesome world building!

The Book of Accidents
Chuck Wendig

Physical ARC

Another spooky book abandoned for Nano. This book is a bit chonky but was so easy to read that I did actually get a good chunk of the way into it. It was really building in its spookiness. I might need to hide under some blankets with this one as I continue it.

Are there any books you have started but not managed to finish yet?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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