Christmas Book Haul

Trying something a little different with today’s post. I have plans for my bookish goals in 2022 particularly to do with my backlist TBR. I will be writing a post early in the new year about that. But as a start to tracking the books I am bringing in and adding to my ever growing TBR pile I thought I would do a little haul post.

Every bookish person hopes to get some lovely bookish gifts under their tree and I have been lucky to get a number of fun reads this year. So here is my Christmas book haul.

I haven’t done a haul post before so I have listed the book I have received their blurb and a thought or two why I am happy to have received the book. Let me know if you like this post and if you would like to see more updates when my TBR pile is added too.

The Books

White Silence
Jodi Taylor

Elizabeth Cage #1

What The Book is about…

Elizabeth Cage is a child when she discovers that there are things in this world that only she can see. But she doesn’t want to see them and she definitely doesn’t want them to see her.
What is a curse to Elizabeth is a gift to others – a very valuable gift they want to control.
When her husband dies, Elizabeth’s world descends into a nightmare. But as she tries to piece her life back together, she discovers that not everything is as it seems.
Alone in a strange and frightening world, she’s a vulnerable target to forces beyond her control.
And she knows that she can’t trust anyone…
White Silence is a twisty supernatural thriller that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Why I am excited:

I love Jodi Taylor’s Chronicles of St Mary’s series and I have had this series on my wish list for a while. I am hoping her Supernatural Thriller is just as fun packed and exciting.

The Bone Ships
R. J. Barker

The Tide Child #1

What The Book is about…

Two nations at war. A prize beyond compare.

For generations, the Hundred Isles have built their ships from the bones of ancient dragons to fight an endless war.
The dragons disappeared, but the battles for supremacy persisted.
Now the first dragon in centuries has been spotted in far-off waters, and both sides see a chance to shift the balance of power in their favour. Because whoever catches it will win not only glory, but the war.

Why I am excited:

I have heard nothing but great things about this series. Many other book bloggers I trust have raved about it and its about time I jump on the bandwagon!

Ink and Sigil
Kevin Hearne

Ink and Sigil #1

What The Book is about…

Al MacBharrais is both blessed and cursed. He is blessed with an extraordinary white moustache, an appreciation for craft cocktails–and a most unique magical talent. He can cast spells with magically enchanted ink and he uses his gifts to protect our world from rogue minions of various pantheons, especially the Fae.
But he is also cursed. Anyone who hears his voice will begin to feel an inexplicable hatred for Al, so he can only communicate through the written word or speech apps. And his apprentices keep dying in peculiar freak accidents. As his personal life crumbles around him, he devotes his life to his work, all the while trying to crack the secret of his curse.
But when his latest apprentice, Gordie, turns up dead in his Glasgow flat, Al discovers evidence that Gordie was living a secret life of crime. Now Al is forced to play detective–while avoiding actual detectives who are wondering why death seems to always follow Al. Investigating his apprentice’s death will take him through Scotland’s magical underworld, and he’ll need the help of a mischievous hobgoblin if he’s to survive.

Why I am excited:

I am a big fan of supernatural police procedurals and paranormal detective stories and this series is set in Glasgow (Where I grew up) so this seems like it is going to be a book I find really interesting.

Susanna Clarke

What The Book is about…

Piranesi’s house is no ordinary building: its rooms are infinite, its corridors endless, its walls are lined with thousands upon thousands of statues, each one different from all the others. Within the labyrinth of halls an ocean is imprisoned; waves thunder up staircases, rooms are flooded in an instant. But Piranesi is not afraid; he understands the tides as he understands the pattern of the labyrinth itself. He lives to explore the house.
There is one other person in the house—a man called The Other, who visits Piranesi twice a week and asks for help with research into A Great and Secret Knowledge. But as Piranesi explores, evidence emerges of another person, and a terrible truth begins to unravel, revealing a world beyond the one Piranesi has always known.

Why I am excited:

I think everyone and their dog has read this book and I haven’t yet. I am really eager to start it.

Black Sun
Rebecca Roanhorse

Between Earth and Sky #1

What The Book is about…

A god will return
When the earth and sky converge
Under the black sun

In the holy city of Tova, the winter solstice is usually a time for celebration and renewal, but this year it coincides with a solar eclipse, a rare celestial event proscribed by the Sun Priest as an unbalancing of the world.
Meanwhile, a ship launches from a distant city bound for Tova and set to arrive on the solstice. The captain of the ship, Xiala, is a disgraced Teek whose song can calm the waters around her as easily as it can warp a man’s mind. Her ship carries one passenger. Described as harmless, the passenger, Serapio, is a young man, blind, scarred, and cloaked in destiny. As Xiala well knows, when a man is described as harmless, he usually ends up being a villain.

Why I am excited:

Another book so many of my bookish friends will Have raved about. I love Sci-fi and I am really not sure why this one slipped my radar.

The Relentless Moon
Mary Robinette Kowal

The Lady Astronauts #3

What The Book is about…

Mary Robinette Kowal continues her award-winning Lady Astronaut series, which began with The Calculating Stars and The Fated Sky, with The Relentless Moon.

The Earth is coming to the boiling point as the climate disaster of the Meteor strike becomes more and more clear, but the political situation is already overheated. Riots and sabotage plague the space program. The IAC’s goal of getting as many people as possible off Earth before it becomes uninhabitable is being threatened.
Elma York is on her way to Mars, but the Moon colony is still being established. Her friend and fellow Lady Astronaut Nicole Wargin is thrilled to be one of those pioneer settlers, using her considerable flight and political skills to keep the program on track. But she is less happy that her husband, the Governor of Kansas, is considering a run for President.

Why I am excited:

I have the other books in this series but haven’t started it yet. Now I have no excuse.

A Collection of Discworld Hardbacks
Terry Pratchett

ReaperMan :
Discworld# 11, Death #2

Which leads to the kind of chaos you always get when an important public service is withdrawn.
Meanwhile, on a little farm far, far away, a tall, dark stranger is turning out to be really good with a scythe. There’s a harvest to be gathered in…

Wyrd Sisters :
Disworld #6, Witches #2

Kingdoms wobble, crowns topple and knives flash on the magical Discworld as the statutory three witches meddle in royal politics. The wyrd sisters battle against frightful odds to put the rightful king on the throne. At least, that’s what they think…

Discworld #21, City Watch #4

Throughout history, there’s always been a perfectly good reason to start a war. Never more so if it is over a ‘strategic’ piece of old rock in the middle of nowhere. It is after all every citizen’s right to bear arms to defend what they consider to be their own. Even if it isn’t. And in such pressing circumstances, you really shouldn’t let small details like the absence of an army or indeed the money to finance one get in the way of a righteous fight with all the attendant benefits of out-and-out nationalism…

Why I am excited:

I have been working my way through these series and collecting the Gollancz hardbacks and I am excited to dive into more.

Collection of Ms Marples
Agatha Christie

The Sittaford Mystery

In a remote house in the middle of Dartmoor, six shadowy figures huddle around a table for a seance. Tension rises as the spirits spell out a chilling message: “Captain Trevelyan . . . dead . . . murder.”
Is this black magic or simply a macabre joke? The only way to be certain is to locate Captain Trevelyan. Unfortunately, his home is six miles away and, with snowdrifts blocking the roads, someone will have to make the journey on foot…

They do it Mirrors

A man is shot at in a juvenile reform home – but someone else dies…
Miss Marple senses danger when she visits a friend living in a Victorian mansion which doubles as a rehabilitation centre for delinquents. Her fears are confirmed when a youth fires a revolver at the administrator, Lewis Serrocold. Neither is injured. But a mysterious visitor, Mr Gilbrandsen, is less fortunate – shot dead simultaneously in another part of the building.
Pure coincidence? Miss Marple thinks not, and vows to discover the real reason for Mr Gilbrandsen’s visit.

A Pocket full of Rye

Rex Fortescue was sipping tea when he suffered a painful death. On later inspection, his pockets were found to contain traces of cereal. Miss Marple suspects that she’s looking at a case of crime by rhyme.

Why I am excited:

Again, I am working my way through all 66 of Agatha Christie’s Mysteries and these mean I can continue with that project.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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