Agatha Christie Project Update 2022

In 2021 I relaunched my Agatha Christie Project aiming to read all 66 of Christie’s Mysteries. I also aimed to mini review them all and compile them all on my Agatha Christie Project page to track progress.

I decided to restart this project in 2021 as I joined a Poirot buddy read that aimed to work its way through the series reading one book a month (skipping orient express as we had already read that one!). We are continuing with that mission in 2022 again focusing on one book a month.

Before starting this projected I had just dabbled in the Ms Marple Stories and had not touched any of her Mysteries apart from And Then There Were None (which I honestly could recite at this point I have re-read it so many times).

2021 Progress

I read a grand total of

16 Agatha Christie Books

in 2021. This is a lot lower than I thought. it breaks down to 11 Poirot books, as we skipped Orient Express and we suspended the book club over Christmas, four Ms Marples and one Mystery standalone.

I will say I have found a new found love of Ms Marple! The first couple of times I attempted to read those books I didn’t think much of them but after re-reading a couple and delving a bit deeper into the series I absolutely lover her. She is just such a wonderful character and I adore her style of mystery solving. The 13 Problems, now rebranded the Tuesday Murder Club thanks to the popularity of Richard Osman’s homage, is probably one of my favourites of Christie’s work.

2022 Project Goals

I am aiming for

24 Agatha Christie Books

in 2022. This works out at 2 a month. One book would be with my Poirot Book Club hopefully reaching ‘Five Little Pigs’ in December 2022. The others I would divide between Ms Marple books and Mystery books. I might alternate back and forth one month a Marple the next month a Mystery but I haven’t decided yet.

‘A Murder is Announced’ the 5th Ms Marple book is on my TBR for January so I will see how my TBRs in the future treat me.

You can find all my reviews, what books I have read and which ones are still on the TBR pile on the project page below

Have you read any Christie?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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