Blog Takeover – GameEngineStart

I, Fiona, am having a day off from the blog so I thought it was a perfect time to let Euan, the Husband, take over for something a bit different!

Who Are GameEngineStart

Hello Fi readers! I’m Euan, and along with my brother we do various things around video games. We try and highlight games you might have missed, as well as talking about the industry, the latest news and much more. We put looks at the latest games that we think are interesting up on our YouTube channel, as well as doing a podcast every two weeks that has all of the above with the added joy of our terrible jokes and complete tangents. You know, like a podcast.

We also just put out the second part of our Game of the Year chat, where we look at the year that was, and talk about what we thought was the best, the least best, and what we are looking forward to in the year to come.

Where To GameEngineStart

Everything we do can be found at the main site, so maybe check that out first?

We are on YouTube, subscribe and get notified when we put new things up

You can follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates right in your feeds.

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