Sunday six – Romances of all Shapes and Sizes

Tomorrow is Valentines Day so I thought I would get a little romantic and discuss six bookish romances that I enjoyed. Romance and love come in all shapes and sizes so I have tried to find books that also have romances that reflect the different array of love that can be found in the world..

I am not a romance reader. I am never a huge fan of romance being the main plot to the book. I prefer my Romance as a secondary plot. I have chosen a very small selection of books that are favourites of mine in terms of their romantic subplots.

A Marvellous Light
Freya Marske

Rep: Gay Romance

My Review

This has a fantastically paced and slightly steamy gay romance, where we see the attraction build and then explode between the two characters. They also face danger in their romance as while it is a fantasy book it is set in the Edwardian era UK in which being a gay man was a crime.

This is how you loose the Time war
Amal El-Mohtar, Max Gladstone

Rep: Sapphic Romance

My Review

This is just gorgeous from start to finish, Love letters across time and space, enemies to lovers, the two women of such opposing worlds find love and solace in each other.

The Seven Husbands of Eveyln Hugo
Taylore Jenkins Reid

Rep: Bisexual

My Review

Written like a memoir you will swear that Evelyn Hugo was a real starlet. She has many loves through out the book and she loves them all with a deep passion that just leaps off the page.

The God of Lost Words
A. J. Hackwith

Hell’s Library

Rep: Polyamorous

What happens when the librarian of the unwritten wing, an escaped book character and fallen angel all meet to battle through Hell together. They form the cutest Thruple imaginable that’s what!

Heartbreak Incorporated
Alex De Campi

Rep: Straight, Steamy (some bisexual rep)

My Review

This is one of those paranormal romances that you just devour as it is so fun to read. The rakishly handsome demon and the girl that he falls for, what’s not to love.

Rivers of London
Ben Aaronovich

Rep: Straight, platonic love

My Thoughts

This series contains my personal OTP within Peter and Beverly but also I really adore the development of a platonic relationship between Peter and Lesley throughout the series too. Especially as it is clear in book 1 that Peter is attracted to her but that they develop a love for each other in a platonic way over the course of the series but that love is just as meaningful.

More Recommendations

Ok I had trouble choosing just six so here are a whole load more that have everything from sweet romances, steamy romances, enemies to lovers, friends to lovers, gay, sapphic, bi, straight, romantic ace, slow burn, instalove and rekindling old flames, in their romantic subplots that I enjoyed.

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