#Blogtober – My October Goals

So I have been a little lax in my blogging for the past couple on months. Unfortunately due to Covid in August, which I am still trying to fully recover from, focusing on my writing to enter a writing competition and work being crazy busy something had to give. That happened to be reading and blogging. I have only read 6 books in the past two months which is much lower than my average. I was even finding it hard to concentrate on audiobooks.

I have decided to set myself some goals for my Blog, my Reading and my Writing over the month of October to get me back into the swing of things.

Blogging Goals

I want to get back to reading and back to blogging. So I have decided I am going to participate in #Blogtober. A huge thank you to Gee at All things Gee for bringing this to my attention. Much like Blogmas, the aim for Blogtober is to post every day. Finding a bookish post to do everyday is part of the challenge but i think it might be fun. I am also going to include more information about my writing too. This is a bit of a change of direction for my blog as usually it has only been focused on Book Reviews.

Speaking of Book Reviews i need to catch up on them. I have a number of books i have read this year that i have yet to write up a review for. Aiming to post everyday gives me the perfect excuse to catch up on those.

Reading Goals

I am very behind on what I want to read. Luckily I only have two ARCs and a Blog Tour this month so there is not a lot of set commitments. I have decided to be a bit more of a mood reader this month in hopes that it will encourage me to get back into the habit of reading (and not binge watching old episodes of Desperate Housewives). I will have a full TBR for my ARCs in a few days but my Wednesday posts will be the best place to keep up with what i am actually reading. I am thinking some witchy, spooky books might be in order.

In total I am hoping to read 6-7 books this month.

Writing Goals

Over the past couple of months I was working on the first 10k words of my Sci-Fi novel. This was because I wanted to enter the HodderScape and Science Museum Sci-Fi competition. I sent my 10k and I am wanting to continue to work on that project in both October as part of ‘Preptober’ and November’s NaNoWriMo. If I do well in the competition I would need to have the manuscript finished for mid December. So the plan is to write around 30k in October and 40k in November and then some edits. I will do a full post talking about the project and what my full plans are but at the moment i think these goals are achievable.

So those are my Goals for October and my first post in Bblogtober

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

5 thoughts on “#Blogtober – My October Goals

  1. I so wish I could read and write as much as you do! Such a shame about getting Covid and the setback. Hope you will fully recover soon and get to do more exciting stuff. Good luck with the competition. I’ll keep looking out.

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