October/Preptober Bullet Journal

I am back with my monthly bookish bullet journal post! Obviously October is Preptober where we prepare for NaNoWriMo in November.

You can read all about my Goals for October in my Goals Post. I will be tracking all my reading, writing and blogging in my bullet journal.


I always use a Nuuna dotted note book as my bullet journal. The large 256 page journals usually last me around 6-8 months and then I use the smaller 128 page journal in the second half of the year. I Have chosen the Moon Journal for this year as I really love how crisp and clean it looks and I have always loved moon and star based designs. If you would like to see my Yearly pages you can find them in this post …. Bookish Bullet Journal 2022.

I like that the Nunna Notebooks are slightly larger than A5 with 0.5 dot spacing. I choose a very Halloween themed colour scheme with browns, oranges and black.

This months pen choices are:

Muji rollerball 0.5 – Black
Muji rollerball 0.5 – Orange
Uni-ball Signo – Bronze

I have also filled my silver Lamy Safari Fountain pen with Diamine ink in the colour Brandy Snap. I got this in

Monthly Pages

This is my usual Monthly spread with four sections. The calendar is used just to mark down quick appointments, birthdays etc. and the Important section is where I can make longer notes and future planning. Here I will usually just mark the day and then the associated information. Recently I have been splitting this into two further sections to keep track of ARCs for review and any books I haul so I can do my book haul posts.

The left hand page contains my Books Read section. I don’t keep my TBR in my Journal instead I mark off the books I have read. I print little stickers of each book cover that I read in the month and paste them in this section along with the star rating and page count. At the end of the month I can easily see what books I have read and what I thought of them. I have also now added a Blog Posts section to the bottom of this page. This allows me to plan what posts I want to do on what days and to keep on top on any blog tours.

Weekly and Book Review spreads

Through out the month I have a page for each book I read that I make when I start each book this will have my notes and ESCAPE Score for each read. In the top left hand corner I stick a sticker of the book cover and to fill in the title author(s) etc.

My Weekly spread I keep as simple as possible. Its just plain boxes with the date and not much more. This month I have added a list of Spooky Witchy books that I are part of my TBR this month (Hence why I hide them behind the crochet pumpkins). If you want to know what books are on my TBR I will have a full post up tomorrow.

Writing Pages

I have made space for my Drafting checklist as well as a Writing Sessions Tracker. I write notes at the end of each session of writing I do, I note down what section I was working on, how I feel and where I want to go next. This means when I start my next session I can get back into the writing zone easier by reviewing these notes. It keeps me on track to keep my writing going throughout the year.

As I am treating this month like a mini Nanowrimo aiming for 20,000 words towards my completed manuscript I have added in some trackers such as a Daily Wordcount tracker and overall Wordcount tracker

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “October/Preptober Bullet Journal

  1. How long does it usually take you to make the monthly spreads? I used to do bullet journalling and then stopped because I felt I didn’t have time to make anything pretty. I’ve resorted to using reading journals as my planners instead

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