Graphic Novel Review – Days of Sugar and Spice

Title: Days of Sugar and Spice

Author: Loïc Clément

Art: Anne Montel

3.5 stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

From Goodreads:

At the age of 28, Rose learns that her father has died and returns to Klervi, her childhood village in Brittany. Revisiting the family bakery she’s inherited brings back buried memories of her former life. She’s reunited with her old aunt Marronde and her extensive feline entourage, as well as Gael, her schoolgirl crush who’s now a grown man…

When she comes across her father’s personal journal, a treasure trove of secrets and recipes, Rose realizes it might be time for a fresh start in life.

My Thoughts

The artwork is gorgeous. I really adored the style the soft pastels the stylization of the characters as well as the lettering was all really beautiful. The story was also a very sweet story to follow. Packed with emotion as the main character came to terms with her loss, facing her past. The sections written as diaries and letters are really interesting.

I do wish that we saw the development of the love story a wee bit more. It seemed like such a central part of the storyline yet we didn’t get a lot of pages of its development to find the romance aspects engaging.

However my favourite part of the graphic novel was the cute comic interludes from the talking cats of the town. The were weird and wonderful and catty. They made me giggle and I liked the very stylised depictions of the different breeds.

Overall this was a sweet little story with some really bitter sweet moments and beautiful artwork to compliment it.

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Happy Reading!

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