Mini Review – Murder at the Theatre Royale

Title: Murder at the Theatre Royale

Author: Ada Moncrieff

4 stars

Rating: 4 out of 5.

From Goodreads:

It’s Christmas at London’s Theatre Royale and journalist Daphne King is determined to solve an extraordinary mystery…

December 1935. Director Chester Harrison’s production of A Christmas Carol has had a troubled run on its tour of regional theatres. With tensions amongst the cast running high, the company reach their final stop – London’s Theatre Royale – a few days before Christmas.

Catastrophe, however, strikes on opening night: ‘Scrooge’ dies on stage, seemingly due to a heart attack. But the show must go on. Until, that is, an old rival of Chester’s is murdered in a dressing room. Are those associated with the production being picked off one by one? Journalist Daphne King is determined to reveal the truth…

My Thoughts

I genuinely really enjoyed this little mystery. It was short and snappy with great writing, twists and turns and a satisfying ending.

I loved the tenacity and the journey that Agony Aunt turned Society Reporter come Crime Journalist Daphne King had. I really liked the journey she went on with her confidence in this book. She was such a fun ‘amateur detective’ character to follow. I also liked the friendship she developed within the story. I like how the two women played off of each other and how it let us, the reader, into Daphne’s thought process.

They mystery its self was really well paced. It had some great twists and revels, red herrings and clues. It did keep me guessing till the end and I really liked how it all played out. I will say while it is set over Christmas and contains reference to Dicken’s A Christmas Carol’ the mystery itself is not inherently Christmassy and could easily be enjoyed outside of the festive season.

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Happy Reading!

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