Magical Readathon – Christmas at Hogwarts Wrap Up

What better as the last readathon of the year than the last instalment of the Magical readathon. While I did not Successfully make it to the feast I have had a lot of fun and read some great books along the way.

I finished a total of



4 Stars: 2
3 Stars: 1


1) Finish your coursework – finish your current read


I so enjoyed the ending of this book. It wrapped up in such an interesting way. This definitely was a great cute holiday read that has you routing for holly chase all the way.

4 Stars

2)Have a snowball fight with the Weasley twins – a book you think will be humorous


Boy this was a long snowball fight (due to being delayed by various family events) but I am glad I took my time with this one! It is such a detailed and magical world. While I did not find the story as immediately engaging as the first book it did have some great twists and turns and the world building was second to none.

4 Stars

3)Visit 3 Broomsticks for mulled pixie wine – a read that should only take you a day/evening


In a change to my TBR I wanted something snowy and winter feeling on the run up to Christmas and this book was left over from the Tis-the-seasonathon readathon. At only 85 pages it was a great quick read.

Books I didn’t finish in time…

I did manage to get the majority of the way through Prisoner of Azkaban but couldn’t quiet find the time to finish it before the end of the readathon but maybe I will request a time turner so I can polish it off.

I also unwrapped my mystery book for the Yule ball on Chrsitmas eve. The book was City of Stairs by Robert Jackson Bennett.


I managed to read 84 pages on Christmas Eve before getting distracted by all the books I received as Christmas presents. This caused my readathon to fall away as I dotted back and forth between the books I have been eager to read/re-read. I hope to finish this soon as it is very intriguing so far.

Did you participate in this readathon? Did you make it to the feast?

I would love to talk all things books in the comments, on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy reading!

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