My Reading Year 2018

Every year Goodreads kindly produces a lovely little stats graphic of the books you have read have recorded as read and various different breakdowns, its a really nice way to round out the year and reflect on the amazing, the good and the just O.K reads I have encountered though-out 2018. I love a good statistic and plan on tracking my reading a bit more thoroughly in the new year but for now here is

My Year in Books 2018

Note: I have included my current read (Fairest by Marrisa Meyer) in this list, making it as finished a bit earlier, as at time of writing I have about 8 hours to read ~40 pages which i think I can safely say I can do so it will officially be my last read of 2018!

I have to admit It has been the most amazing reading year for me. I credit this to not having a PhD to write and the large commute I now have has allowed me a lot of dedicated reading time. It was the year I started this blog! While I am still finding my feet I am loving it, I am loving interacting with the bookish community on Twitter, Instagram etc. It is such an accepting and supportive community even with its moments of drama.

I like participating in the Goodreads Challenge every year, I like it as a personal goal, I don’t see it as a competition but more a nice way for me to measure what I have been reading in a given year and how my time was spent. This year I set it at 75 books which for me seemed ambitious as I had read 54 books in 2017. I am thrilled to have met and surpassed that goal in 2018.


I read a total of :

Books: 101

Pages: 33,507

Average Rating: 4.1 Stars

Average Book Length: 331

The Shortest book I read was:


Nnedi Okorafor

This is a beautifully crafted piece of Sci-fi that is chocked full of intriguing world-building as well as giving a short and complete story line. It is well deserving of the awards it has received.
It is extremely inventive and captures the imagination. Another aspect I loved was the idea of Mathematics as an almost spiritual pursuit and how the technology of these worlds plays into that. In fact the complete series is just beautiful.

The Longest Book I read was:


Marissa Meyer

I read half of this series in late 2017 and finished it in early 2018, all from my local library. I also just received the complete box set for Christmas which is why I am just finishing off reading Fairest (the prequel) for this first time. This series is straight on my re-read list. I loved it and genuinely missed the characters when I finished it. I am hoping to dive back into them soon and read the short story collection and the graphic novels in the new year.


If you would like the full breakdown of my Goodreads year in books you can check it out here!


You can also find out which of these 101 books were my favourite in my Favourite Books of the Year post!

All in all I loved every minute spent reading this year, I participated in some amazing and creative readathons from the Borrowathon, the various Magical Readathons, Tome Topple and more. I got chatting with some awesome people because of these and I can’t wait to continue with all the various readathons of 2019.

How did your reading year go? Did you meet your reading goals?

I would love to chat all things bookish in the comments, on Goodreads or on Twitter or Instagram.

Happy Reading in 2019!

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