#SeriesTF2019 Jan readathon TBR

The original year long challenge was created by Anna from Reader and Proud, now to keep us all movtivated to get those pages turning and those series finished she has introduced a little readathon. I love the community that readathon create lots of people reading together and motivating each other so I am ready to join in.

I have 3 Books I would like to start tackling.


As part of my Count down to Queenslayer I will be finishing my Re-read of Spellslinger. I am currently writing a book diary for this experience which I will hopefully have up next week.


I haven’t tackled any Sci-fi this month so I would love to get started on reading Waiting gods.


Finally, with the recent announcement of the Netflix deal I really have no excuse not to pick up Shadow and Bone. I honestly have no idea why I haven’t started those series yet but with another book in the universe out at the end of the month I just have to get going on these as I suspect I will love them!

Will I be able to read all these in the week? I am not sure (especially as I still have an Arc to finish) but I am going to have fun trying especially with all the awesome fellow #Series TF2019 folk I have met so far. Here is to a week of Bookish chat and finally finishing those series!

I would love to chat all thinks Bookish wither here in the comments or on Goodreads and Twitter.

Happy Reading!

4 thoughts on “#SeriesTF2019 Jan readathon TBR

  1. I cannot wait to read Shadow and Bone neither! I will probably read it next month though. I feel like the Netflix news has given us an excuse to pick it up earlier and I’m so excited to see what all the fuss is about.
    Thanks so much for taking part in this and I hope you find a lot of motivation during the week 😉


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