Royal Weekender TBR

Rachel Marie’s Bookie Trials started last Year in July and then there was another quest in December. Now it is back for a weekend tournament in which the winning team will get a full two day’s head start for this July’s Quest!

The Royal Weekender takes place

28th-29th March

And it will have lots of different activities such as Sprints, live shows and games. The previous two have been such fun and I has even spawned a monthly buddy read group I take part in!

My Team

In July I competed as a Mage but after taking the personality quiz in December I got Scribe! So I will be continuing to compete as a scribe for the Tournement.

Group Prompts

Oathmaker: Shared your TBR

I guess I can tick this one off now as When this post goes live I have fulfilled this challenge!

Tournament Ready: Joined a Competition

There will be a number of competitions throughout the weekend and depending on what they require will depend if i can join in or not but we will need to wait to find out.

Power Surge: Completed a 2 Hour Sprint

I love Sprints and I will definitely be trying to join in at least one of these during the weekend.

Tome Champion: Completed a Book

This should hopefully be an easy one to finish. I am hoping I can get through my chosen TBR.

Team Prompts

Each team prompt has 3 books prompts and a self care prompt which is an amazing idea!

Book Prompts

Book Binding: Found a Book within a Book

Sensational Scriptures: Found Calligraphy on the Cover

Uncommon Paper: Read an underrated book

Self Care prompt

A Full Recipe: Baked Something

I will be reading:

The Library of the Unwritten
A.J. Hackworth

This is the perfect book for all three prompts! Both the US and UK editions have fantastic covers with a focus on the type face. Its about Hell’s library which stores all the unfinished works and the escape of book characters (we all know how much I loved The Unlikely Escape of Urhiah Heap and this sounds like that but with a horror element), so it covers the book within a book! Also I have not heard very many people chat about it on Booktube or bookish twitter so while I have been anticipating it for a while now.

All I have left is to decide what to bake with it (if I can find supplies). I feel it should be something devilishly decadent.

If i Finish it all

Ok I only choose one book for the readathon! And while I could selesct a book for each prompt I though hey! why not keep my Mage skills in check. I am a Scribe at heart but there is still that little portion of me that is also a Mage! ( I will only be recording information for scribe but I have the perfect book for these prompts too).


Expansive Lore: Discovered a New World Master

Clairvoyance: Read a 5 star Prediction

Magi Might: Purple on the Cover

The Shadow between Us
Tracia Levenseller

I received this from Fairyloot and it is too perfect for these prompts not to attempt to read.


Your Craft: Watch your fave Booktuber

So that is my TBR. Are you joining in the tournament? What team are you competing for? What are you reading?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

One thought on “Royal Weekender TBR

  1. Woo-hoo, Team Scribe! Your book is an excellent choice. I’ve been wanting to read it for awhile because I do love a book about books.

    I keep waffling on whether or not I want to join in on the Royal Weekender. Your post makes me want to join the fun!

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