2020 Reading wrap up

2020 is nearly at an end! I am not going to dwell on anything to do with this year other than WOW this was a good year for books and for me personally an amazing bookish year. I finally found my bookish people with the wonderful Weirdo’s of The Write Reads Gang. I can’t thank Dave enough for inviting me to join, introducing me to all these amazing and supportive bloggers. My Blog has grown beyond belief this year and its really thanks to the group and all there support.

My number of followers went from 87 to over 320 of you gorgeous people in less than 12 months, my views quadrupled and all the awesome comments and interactions I have had with amazing bookish people is just overwhelming. I am so glad I found Dave and the Write Reads. I also got to be part of the Book Bloggers, novel of the year awards, absolutely amazing blog tours for some of the biggest books of the year and even received my first physical ARC! If you haven’t reached out to The Write Reads on Twitter yet do! We are all waiting to talk all things bookish, like and share your posts and welcome you to one of the best bookish communities I know.

So now that I have gushed about all the lovely bookish friends I have made this year. I can wrap up my reading stats. I will have an official December wrap up in the next week or so but I though I would just so a quick wrap up of the year


BOOKS: 140

NOTE: I have been cheeky and added the final book I am reading in 2020 to this count even though I haven’t quite finished but I do have over 7 hours to finish just 63 pages which I think can be done and 140 was to nice a number not to end the year of that

PAGES: 42,993

(Page count includes Audiobook page numbers)

I flew past my good reads goal of 100 books way back in September and probably could have pushed myself up to 150 books for the year if I had read books in October and November instead of focusing on my own novel. I am really pleased with the number there are some amazing books I have read this year, some that will stick with me for a very long time and that I will re-read again and again, others that introduced me to new authors. i got to read the endings of some amazing series while dive into some new ones.

Looking back I am surprised at the number of 2020 releases there was in the mix. I wanted to focus on my back list a bit more but seem to have failed in doing so this year. So I think I might have to put a bit more effort into that in 2021.


5 STARS: 42

4.5 STARS: 21

4 STARS: 37

3.5 STARS: 19

3 STARS: 15

2.5 STARS: 3

2 STARS: 2

1 STARS: 1


Thanks to Goodreads I have a nice graphic to pull from to show all 140 books I read this year as a single image. So for those that are interested here are all 140 books that I read in 2020.

If you would like to know which ones of these were my favourite reads of the year you can find my list of Favourites of 2020 Here

How did your reading year go? Did you meet your reading goals?

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

A very Happy Hogmanay to you and yours, Best wishes for 2021 and Happy Reading!

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