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Its Tag Tuesday so I am going to do the New Year Book Tag, which I was tagged to do by the lovely Ashlee at Books at 42. She founf this tag on the blog of  Geeky Galaxy.


How Many Books Are You Planning on Reading in 2021?

Like I said in my Reading Challenges and Goals post for 2021 that I am going to stick with 100 books for my Goodreads goal. While I have broke that goal over the past few years I think its just nice to work to something achievable. I have already made a good start reading 7 books so far already! I would like a good percentage of these to be books that were already on my shelves instead of new buys.

Name Five Books You Didn’t Get to Read in 2020 But Want to Make a Priority in 2021?

The Burning God – R.F. Kuang
The Once and Future Witches – Alix E. Harrow
The House in the Cerulean Sea – TJ Klune
A Deadly Education – Naomi Novik
To Sleep in a Sea of Starts – Christopher Paolini

All of these were 2020 releases and three of them I had ARCs for and I just couldn’t find the time. They are very very high on my list for this year with The Once and Future Witches being on my January TBR.

Name a Genre You Want to Read More of in 2021?

The Classics. Again in the Reading Challenges and Goals post I listed some classics that I haven’t read and would like to tackle this year.

Three Non-Book Related Goals for 2021

Increase my fitness levels. Its been a year of not getting out much and spending more and more time sitting about than moving. My fitness levels always plummet during the winter as I snuggle up from the cold and the wet but I have decided to try and do a bit more exercise at home while the gyms are still closed and build my fitness levels back up again, especially since my diagnosis of late onset asthma at the beginning of last year I need to work out how to manage that while keeping fit also.

More time to be creative. I want to dedicate more time to just being a bit creative, from writing my own books, to various craft projects I have wanted to start. Possibly taking some online classes to learn new creative skills.

Get my work project up off the ground. I have been working on a couple of projects at work that I might be able to develop into my own line of research and its looking promising so I would like to push that forward in 2021.

What’s a Book You’ve Had Forever That You Still Need to Read?

The Name of the Wind
Patrick Rothfuss

i have started and put this book down so many times. I don’t know why I haven’t finished it as I actually enjoyed what I was reading. I just get distracted and don’t come back to it. Maybe next round of Tome Topple I will pick this back up.

One Word That You Hope 2021 Will Be?


I sincerely hope that my family and friends remain healthy and happy throughout the year. I hope that we all start seeing an end to the pandemic as we roll out vaccinations.


Ellie from Read to Ramble

Erika from And on She Reads

Livy from Shelves of Starlight

Kate from The Quick and the Read

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

6 thoughts on “New Year Book Tag

  1. I’m having the same reading experience with The Name of the Wind. When I’m reading it, I love it, but really struggle with picking it back up. The House in the Cerulean Sea is on my priority list, too, and I can’t wait to get to it! It’s probably the one book I haven’t read any negative reviews for, so I’m really looking forward to it.

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  2. Oh, you absolutely MUST read The Name of the Wind! That book is one of the best I have ever read. I genuinely do not know why it is not more talked about! I wish he would write the final book though, it’s driving me mad not having an ending!

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