Friday Five – Favourite Female Main Characters

I can’t find who started the Friday Five book blog meme. It seems to crop up in many different style such as “Five for Friday”, “Five on Friday” , “FridayFive Challenge”. I also can’t find a topic list like you would have for the Six on Sunday meme. Therefore I am just doing my own thing and setting my own topics just so I can chat books with you.

I was struggling to come up with a topic for this week until Erika from AndOnSheReads suggested this weeks topic:

Five Favourite Female MCs

This proved to be a tricky one to narrow down. There are some really awesome Female MCs out there and I really had to mull some of them over. So I decided to only pick Female MCs from Adult SFF and I might do another with YA MCs.


Hell’s Library Series
A.J Hackwith

My Review for Book 1 – The Library of the Unwritten
Book 2 – The Archive of the Forgotten

Claire is an awesome character. Senior Librarian of the Unwritten wing of Hell’s Library she really takes no Shit. Being an older Character she is filled with a depth of life experiences that really round her out as a strong and determined MC. However some of these life experiences have left her bitter and cold and its nice to see her grow, learn and unfurl throughout this series.

Dr Maxwell a.k.a Max

The Chronicles of St Mary’s
Jodi Taylor

My review for Book 1 – Just one damned Thing After Another

I LOVE MAX! I love this series. Max is a highly educated, with a PhD in History, yet utterly human MC. Often Academic’s are portrayed as cold and quiet, anti-social but here we really get to see educated women as humans. Max is clumsy and fierce. We follow her though her training at St Mary’s, falling in love, the ups and downs of marriage and motherhood, making and loosing friends. In the 12 books so far she goes through a lot and I love how in depth we get to experience Max’s emotions through it all.

Ms Marple
Agatha Christie

Ms Marple Mysteries

You can’t not admire the formidable nature of Ms Marple. From the various Ms Marple books I have read you are never quite sure when she will show up. Some times she is involved in the mystery immediately some times she pops up at the last min to solve it all. Sometimes she is the shrewd guidance behind the police’s actions, some time she is the quiet member of the village gossip squad working out the mysteries of the moment. The one thing that is guaranteed is the level of old lady sass she will hand out.

Lady Kiva
The Interdependency
John Scalzi

My Review – Book 1: The Collapsing Empire

Lady Kiva is another one that takes no shit. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to do what she needs to to get it. She also has an amazing vocabulary of swear words, including my favourite new insult calling someone an “officious Cockwomble”. I also really love her story arc she really grows as person throughout the trilogy

The Invisible Library
Genevieve Cogman

My Review of book 7 – The Dark Archive

Irene is one of those characters that has really grew on me over the course of the series. She is so tenacious and has got a little bit of sass to her. She is a magical librarian, with a huge affection for books especially detectives. I really love how she moves through all the different tropes these books explore. I really love how cunning she has become.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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