October TBR

Its October! Already! Where is the time going.

Its also Preptober, the month where I will get going to preparing myself and my book ideas for Nanowrimo in November. As this will take a lot of work, writing outlines, changing ideas, finalising worldbuilding etc I am hoping to keep my TBR fairly short. I say hoping as we all know it is out of control as it is. I am only talking ARCs and buddy reads, in this post and I wont be setting myself any other books on my TBR.

All of this is contingent on me actually putting down Stardew Valley, which I have been playing non-stop recently, and actually picking up a book and doing some reading, or a pen and doing some writing. We will see.

Little Thieves
Margaret Owens

Hodder and Stoughton
Release: 5/10/2021

I think this is going to be really interesting. It seems like a really dark and fantastical retelling of the goose girl, with prince and the pauper vibes too. There also is hints at a good few heist along the way and I love a good grift storyline. It seems like it is going to be action packed and filled with dark adventure.

The Ministry for the Future
Kim Stanley Robinson

Orbit Books
Release: 8/10/2021

This sounds like it should be really interesting climate change fiction set in the near future. It is also told through eye-witness accounts discussing how climate change might affect our future. It seems like it might hit quite hard as it is so close to our reality.

The Cabinet
Un-su Kim
Translated by Sean Lin Halbert

Angry Robot
Release: 8/10/2021

This just sounds fascinating. I love a book with magical bureaucracy and red tape and this just sounds perfect. Its all about a harried civil servant that has to deal with the requests of those people who have all their information filled away in the mysterious Cabinet 13.
I don’t think I have read any South Korean Fiction before so this should be a really interesting especially it is billed as being funny and fantastical.

A Hole in the World
Weston Ochse

Release: 26/10/2021

I have never read any of Weston Ochse before as I am not the biggest fan of horror or military fiction but This was sold to me during the Rebellion showcase. It sounds like it is going to be filled with really strange events and interesting investigations. I do love my SFF police procedurals!

Midnight in Everwood
M. A. Kuzniar

Release: 28/10/2021

I absolutely adored Kuzniar’s middle grade so when it was announced that she was writing a nutcracker retelling filled with magic and wonder I just had to get my hands on it. I think it is just going to be the perfect read as the nights get cold and dark.

Under the Whispering Door
Tj Klune

Pan Macmillian
Release: 28/10/2021

This just sounds like it is going to be one of those books that grabs your heart and doesn’t let go as you fall in love with the world and the characters. The sound of tea shop in the woods just sounds so cozy and beautiful. I think its going to be one of those cosy autumnal reads that just make you feel warm and filled with joy.

Far from the light of Heaven
Tade Thompson

Release: 28/10/2021

Sci-Fi mystery and police procedural filled with political machinations, honestly sometimes I think blurbs are directed straight and me alone. I was sold on this one the minute I read it was a space locked room mystery which I am all for!

Matt Wesolowski

Six Stories

I have been loving this series I read them as audiobooks as the podcast style to the story really lends itself to the full cast audiobook format. I honestly can’t wait to start this one. I really like how open ended they are and how they keep you guessing all the way through. This one follows the death of a pop star in a mansion fire that isn’t quite as straight forwad as it first appears.

I will do a Preptober spread with some craft books and my Preptober Bullet Journal later in the week.

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Happy Reading!

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