December TBR

December 2nd and Day two of Blogmas I am going to chat about some of the books on my December TBR. I am only going to be talking ARCs, Blog tours, and just a few other books on my TBR in this post as I have two exciting Five for Friday posts which will add 10 more books onto my TBR. Keep an eye out for

Five 2021 Releases I still need to read on Friday 3rd
Five 2021 Releases I have started and need to finish on Friday 10th

I have a Lot of time off in December! I had a lot of annual leave still to use before the beginning of 2022 so I have all of this week off and my Christmas break officially starts on the 17th and I don’t go back to work until the 6th of January due to the University being closed so hopefully I will make great headway on this TBR and maybe even be able to get a head start on next years reading.

The Bear in the Nightingale
Katherine Arden

Winternight Trilogy #1

After my Five For Friday: Wintery Reads I felt it was about time for a re-read. Then my beautifully gorgeous Fairyloot special editions of the whole trilogy landed on my doorstep and it seemed like fate saying I had to put it on my TBR immediately.

One By One
Ruth Ware

Another possibility for my Wintery reads post for next year. This book was recently selected for me by a friend in a book exchange and with all the snow it seems like the perfect read for this time of year. I have enjoyed Ruth Ware in the past so I am hoping to like this one just as much

A Marvellous Light
Freya Marske

The Last Binding #1

Physcial ARC/ Audio ARC
Release Date: 9/12/21

I will admit I have already started this but I am not very far in. This is one of my most anticipated reads. It is reportedly filled with magical bureaucracy and red tape which I just adore in a novel. Also magic and mystery are always a winning combo for me so I can’t wait to continue.

The Untold Story
Genevieve Cogman

The Invisible Library #8

Physcial ARC
Release Date: 9/12/21

This series is coming to an end and I don’t want it too. This is the last story in the tale of time-traveling Librarian spy Irene and her companions. I am both sad to see it end and can’t wait to see how it all plays out. This is my next read for sure.

Brendan P. Bellecourt

Release Date: 9/12/21

This is a Deco-Punk book which I really wish there was more of. A lot of my own writing has deco-punk vibes and I just love the description of these deco decorated dystopias. This book just sounded so fascinating billed as “Inception meets Metropolis, by way of The Great Gatsby”. I think it is going to be an interesting read.

Revenge of the Beast
Jack Meggitt-Phillips

The Write Reads Ultimate Blog Tour
Tour date to be confirmed

I loved the humour and whimsy in the first book (The Beast and the Bethany) so I couldnt say no to joining in the tour for book 2. I know this is going to be entertaining and fun and just leave me in a good mood so I can’t wait to read it!

So that is my rather short TBR for now! Again I will be adding to this throughout the month so keep an eye on my Five for Friday posts on the 3rd and the 10th to find out what other books are on my last TBR of 2021.

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