Review – Doing Time

Title: Doing Time

Author: Jodi Taylor

Series: Time Police #1

5 stars

Rating: 5 out of 5.

From Goodreads:

At some time in the future, the secret of time-travel became available to all. Chaos ensued as people sought to take advantage. Because there will always be nutters who want to change history…

And so the Time Police were formed. Internationally sanctioned thugs whose task it was to keep the timeline straight by any and all means possible. And they succeeded. The Time Wars are over. The Time Police won. But who will win the peace?

Doing Time follows three hapless new Time Police recruits – Jane, Luke and Matthew – as they try to navigate their first year on the beat. It’s all going to be fine. Obviously.

My Thoughts

Is it any surprise that I loved this book? Those that know me know I am a huge fan of Jodi Taylor’s Chronicles of St Mary’s and this series is setting up to be just as jam packed with fun filled chaos as that series. It definitely hectic manor but the chaos does seen a little more controlled. The plot is exciting and has a really great mix of time travel, crime fighting and danger.

I really enjoyed getting to see the other side of the coin to St Mary’s and finally get a glimpse into how the Time Police operate. It didn’t throw us quiet in the deep end as there were plenty of old friends and favourites popping in, including the disaster trio Max, Peterson and Markham. I also loved that we got to learn so much more about Matthew and that we get to see him all grown up and striding out for himself.

I loved the new characters too, especially Jane. I thought Matthew would be my favourite of the trio due to his past but Jane really won me over. Her story was so much fun and she was such an interesting character. I do wish we had gotten to know Luke a little more but hopefully the next in the instalment.

Taylor still puts her characters through the ringer, poor Major Ellis gets it this one, he just can’t seem to find a break.

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Happy Reading!

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