2022 Bookish Goals


My start to 2022 isn’t as upbeat as I would like it to be I am still suffering from the aftermath of my Booster shot, but that just means more of an excuse to curl up with tea and blankets and the cats and make a good start on my 2022 reading pile.

In the New Year I like setting myself Goals for my Reading and Writing to remind me of what I would like to focus on in the coming year. I treat them more like guidelines, I don’t punish myself if I don’t meet them I just like having them to refer to when I feel a bit lost.

This year I have set Blogging Goals, Writing Goals and Reading Goals.


I recently hit 450 subscribers to my blog and I truly cannot thank you all enough. I really really appreciate the support especially as I am having so much fun with it and to see read numbers go up is just so lovely. I huge Thank you to everyone that Commented, liked and subbed in 2021!

I am hoping to hit 500 Subscribers in 2022 and to do so I have a couple of goals I want to work on.

1) Maintain my posting schedule

I did quite a good job of this last year, and I will try and continue with the standard posts such as Mini review Mondays, WWW Wednesdays and my 5 for Friday posts. I would like to throw in more Tags and Book lists too.

2) Bookstagram

My Bookstagram also grew last year but was a much slower process. i am still finding my feet when it comes to Instagram and I find it difficult to keep up with at times. I am hoping to set myself a bookstagram schedule and new themes that will help me stick with the app a bit more. I started posting bookish nail art more frequently (I really enjoy doing my nails and have recently picked up supplies to make glue on sets for friends too ) so I want to start doing more bookish Nail art post as well as more Bullet Journal posts too. My Bookstagram seems like a better outlet for these hobbies and allows me to show them off.

I currently have 279 followers on my bookstagram and I would like to hit 350 by the end of 2022.


I discovered this year that I am more of a Plantser than a Planner or Pantser. I need a basic sketch of an idea, then I need to discovery right for a bit to establish my plot ideas before I can plan. I have worked on a number of stories in 2021 and I want to continue with them, maybe even finish one.


I want to make sure I have time to get into the creative zone and to work on my Works in Progress over the next year. I want to put at least a couple of hours a week aside to just make some notes do some discovery writing and play about with characters. I would love to have a full first draft of one of my projects by the end of the year but I dont know how achievable that is.



In 2021 I read 150 books! You can read my full wrap up and what those 150 books were in my 2021 Wrap up post or if you are only interested in what my top rated books were you can find my Five Star reads post here.

That means I read 10 more books than the previous year. I completed my Goodreads goal all the way back in September! I am overjoyed by that number. I am not going to strain myself by even attempting to meet this number again. I think I am going to keep my goal at 100 books for the year. I now know I can comfortably reach that goal I have surpassed it a few years in a row now, but also that it gives me enough to work towards. So I think it is a good number for me to aim towards. This is just under 2 books a week.


I recently did an inventory of all my physical unread books and the number of books I have on my shelves that I have not read is somewhat shameful.

297 Books

This number includes all the unread books I have on my shelves (not including ARCs) at the start of 2202. It includes all my Christmas books but not the 2022 pre-orders I already have on order! I really need to make a dent in these! So I want at least 50% of the books I read this year to be books I already own. I have a number of methods to do this.

I have always been one to enjoy Reading Challenges and Readathons. I will definitely be joining in some readathons throughout the year as they always help me tackle the back list.

I will also be continuing some of my own personal reading Challenges including:


I will be updating my progress in these over the next few days so look out for those blog posts shortly. On top of these I am mixing a couple of challenges from Instagram, other bloggers etc into my own Beat the Backlist –


This is my own TBR challenge that I am hoping will help me tame the piles of books I have and help me get through a good chunk of those 297 books. I will be launching this challenge on my blog later this week.


Like my Writing I want to make time for reading. I am going into my third year of working from home and will I do pop into the office occasionally I don’t have the same dedicated commute. It used to be my dedicated reading time so I want to give that time back to myself and to have some time in the morning and the evening where reading takes priority.

So Those are my goals and reading challenges I am setting myself for 2021. Now I am off to do some reading!!!

I would love to chat all things bookish with you! You can comment down below or find me on Twitter or Goodreads!

Very Happy New year to you and Happy Reading!

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